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The Listening Field is an emerging social enterprise that organizes ceremonial dialogues for Humans and Nature Elders who wish to explore the frontiers of coCreative partnership, conduct joint research and discover new frameworks for current issues. 

Our unique services include personal and group consultations with the Nature Elders, 1:1 mentoring, community events, research and experimentation for organizations, businesses and think tanks. 

Messages of Wisdom from Human and Nature Elders in The Listening Field

"The Listening Field is a practice and ceremony founded by Danielea Castell for us to listen as a group and hear what Nature Elders have to share, to teach us, and to nourish and inspire our lives. Earth herself and all her citizenry are calling us to awaken into greater alliance with them, with our own divine nature and with each other."

Grandmother Ejna Jean Fleury
Indigenous Elder, an enrolled member of the Crow  Creek Sioux Tribe, South Dakota USA

"Let go of the past. Welcome the beautiful loving future that you imagine and know in your heart is possible. We are right here with you. You are not alone, never again alone."

The Council of Muir Grove
12 Sequoia Tree Elders living in Sequoia National Park

USA. In heart-bond with Esther Penner, LA USA

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