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Organizational Listening Field Experienc

Research. Experimentation. Strategy with the Nature Elders.

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Service Description

Innovation for sustainable growth is possible when business organizations choose new ways of working relationally with Nature. The Nature Elders are embedded in a larger ecosystem that inherently values interdependence and interconnectedness, which creates a reframing of traditional issues Human organizations are facing, allowing for previously unimagined solutions to emerge. Taking the risk to collaborate and coCreating with Nature will establish you as a leader in your industry and the communities in which your business organization works and serves. Nature Elders are the untapped stakeholder with abundant resources that ensures prosperity and wellbeing for all forms of life on this planet. Trees, Waters, Mountains, Rock, Air and other Nature Beings that provide the raw materials for your products or inhabit the places where these materials are extracted, manufactured and transported to market are present and aware of current conditions, their wisdom will bring new insights to your resource management. What you’ll receive: Three 60min Sessions with Danielea Castell & the Nature Elders Pre-Listening Field Orientation Session for all participants Listening Field Unpacking, Integration & Strategy Development with a report of findings, insights, and actionable next steps. Zoom recording One Postcard from the Listening Field for the Organization (pdf/jpeg) *recording and postcard will be sent within 24hrs of your session

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